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Iowa County WI Hotline 1-800-362-5717

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Our team: We are a group of concerned citizens from a variety of professions ranging from law enforcement, mortician, therapist, educators, religious personnel, medical personnel, and Survivors of a Suicide loss.

Mission statement: Because we value human life, the mission of Suicide Prevention of Iowa County is to prevent suicide through awareness, education, collaboration, and improved access to mental health care.

  • In  January 2018  we have expanded our geographical area due to lack of services and need to include Grant, Lafayette, Richland, Sauk, Crawford and Vernon Counties.

Our Vision is suicide-free communities where people will recognize the warning signs, intervene, and help individuals find hope.

 Iowa Co. Mental Health Resource Guide (flow chart)

 Iowa Co. Mental Health Resources (By category of need)


Our Accomplishments (2014-Present)


 Suicide Awareness: (Titles are underlined click on to see photos/ video/article)

Education & Collaboration:

  • QPR Training's - People trained in 2019: 239
    • Platteville Hospital Main Campus - Southwest Health
    • Wis. Dept of Ag, Farm Center (Mediators & Advisors Training)
    • Teen Advisory  Board (Community Based Group), Lancaster, WI
    • Monthly training held in Iowa County at Health & Human Services Bldg and Hospital
  • Community Group spoke to about Stress, Depression or Suicide:
    • Cheese Country 4-H, Monroe, WI (2)
    • Girls Group (4-5 gr.) in Barneveld, Wi
    • St. Peters Church, Loganville, WI
    • UCC Church in Barneveld, WI
    • Iowa County Court House Staff, Dodgeville, WI
    • Iowa County Dept of Human and Social Services, Dodgeville, WI
    • Mothers Demand Action, Spring Green, WI
    • Leadership Development Day, Richland Center, WI
    • Kayla Shemak, Junior Project: Steak DInner for Area Farmers, Highland, WI
    • Southwest Community Action Program Gala honoring Suicide Prevention, Barneveld, WI
  • Partnerships:
    • Stress Among the Farming Community & Suicide Awareness Forum, Loganville,WI
      • Has become "Farmers Angel Network", Sauk County with county wide efforts
    • Sauk County Nurses Office, Crawford County Public Health Educator, Lands End,
    • Mother's Demand Action- wellness fair & distribute Gun locks to Sauk, Richland and Iowa County.
    • Upland Hills Health - Distribute Posters and Gun Locks to their clinics 
    • Crawford County Public Health & Human Services - Suicide Awareness Month Banner Campaign & County Wide Sports Night
  • School wide focus to Suicide Prevention and Awareness consulting/presenting: Seneca, Barneveld, Dodgeville, Mt. Horeb

Mental Health Access:

  • SOS (Survivors of Suicide) peer support group meetings 2nd Thursday of each month.
  • Veterans Support Group meeting 3rd Thursday 8:00am of each month @ Cobblestone Coffee House
  • Providing free monthly QPR Trainings in Iowa County open to the public (CLICK HERE FOR A SCHEDULE)



 Suicide Awareness: (Titles are underlined click on to see photos/ video/article)

Education & Collaboration:

  • QPR Trainings - People trained in 2018: 674
    • Barneveld School Staff
    • village of Dickeyville
    • Reedsburg Hospital (3)
    • Lancaster City Hall (2)
    • Lands End Leads: Dodgeville (4) and Reedsburg (2) and Stevens Point (2)
    • Cassville Schools Staff
    • Richland Center Hospital (2)
    • Dodgeville High School Staff
    • UW Platteville (Staff, Students & Community)
    • Epione Pavillion Nursing Home Platteville
  • Added 6 counties (Grant, LaFayette, Richland, Sauk, Crawford & Vernon) & 30 School Districts to Monthly Newsletter
  • Paid for 2 more QPR Trainers to get trained. (Total 10 since 2015)
  • Girls Group (4-5 gr.) in Barneveld- Suicide Prevention, Anger Management
  • School wide focus to Suicide Prevention and Awareness- Dodgeville, Seneca, Highland, Mt. Horeb Schools in addition to consulted with Barneveld School District on mental health focus for the school year.
  • Mental Health Matters in Lafayette County mental health week supplied suicide materials & QPR Trainings. UW Platteville Mental Health Summit collaboration with 5 counties.
  • Partner with David Hosking, Wisconsin VA, to provide monthly Veterans Support Group.
  • On Board that is creating "Mental Health Matters" in Iowa County
  • UW Extension Office of Iowa County & Upland Hills Health, "Farmer Focus, Family Focused". 
  • Grace Lutheran Church of Dodgeville, Depression and the Holidays talk.

Mental Health Access:

  • SOS (Survivors of Suicide) peer support group meetings 2nd Thursday of each month.
  • Veterans Support Group meeting 3rd Thursday of each month @ Upland Hills Health
  • Created brochure of resources for funeral home directors to share with families that are grieving a suicide.



Suicide Awareness : (Titles are underlined click on to see photos/ video/article)

  •  Night at Sporting event in the schools: (Click underlined title to view photos)
  • Memorial Day Shoe Display
  • Dodgeville Middle School holds School wide assembly - Watch video
  • Community Campaign- 410 Shirts were distributed to businesses and schools to wear on Fridays in May (Mental Health Month) & September (Suicide Prevention Awareness Month)
  • Created Poster focused on Medical or Incarcerated setting & Agricultural settings
  •  Suicide Memorial Walk July 4th, 2017 Memorial Walk interview on Channel 3 and Channel 47
  • Interview with Pam Jahnke "Farm Babe". 
  • Dodgeball - Dannika Lewis Channel 3 
  • Fundraisers
  • Public Service Announcements (PSA) -  (Click underlined title to view)
    • Team with Wisconsin Chapter of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to place a billboard in Iowa County thanks to the Donations in Memory of Jeffery Sweeney.
    • Channel 47 (Month of February) & Channel 3 (mid February to Mid March).  
    • Movie Theatres in Dodgeville, Lancaster, Boscobel, & Platteville - Full year.
    • Radio Public Service & Newspaper Public Service Announcements
    • Created Symbol for teachers to put on their doors so staff and students know it's a safe place to talk about suicide. Approved through DPI.

Education & Collaboration:

  • QPR Trainings - People trained in 2017:  258 
    • Barneveld EMT
    • Hidden Valley Church (2)
    • MP EMT
    • MP School Staff
    • Montfort (reps from Livingston/Rewey/Cobb) EMT
    • Edgewood College nursing 
  • Present to Community Service Groups - MP Kiwanis, MP School Staff
  • Paid for training QPR Presenters. (5 trained)
  • Updated Suicide Resource Brochures and business cards for schools & community.

Mental Health Access:

  • Day of Bliss (2)- afternoon of free relaxation and art therapy
  • SOS Peer Support group 2nd Thursday of each Month


Suicide Awareness:

  •  Host Suicide Memorial Walk
  • Helicopter Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser
  • Radio Public Service & Newspaper Public Service Announcements that will go throughout 2016.

Education & Collaboration:

  • Launched Campaign with 13 Chamber of Commerce & 12 School Districts
  •  QPR Trained in Iowa Co. - People trained in 2016 over 200 - 
    • Upland Hills Health
    • UW-Extension Office
    • WI Dept of Ag
    • St. Mary's/Paul's Catholic Church 
    • UCC Church Mineral Point.
  • Partnered with Upland Hills Health Also, distributed table top brochure holders to all medical centers in Iowa County displaying the Suicide Prevention Resources in Iowa County brochures.

Mental Health Care Access:

  • Sponsored Art Therapy Sessions for Grief & Loss, along with Stress Relief.
  • SOS Peer Support group 2nd Thursday of each Month


 Suicide Awareness:

  • Fundraiser- Helicopter Golf Ball Drop 
  • Started Suicide Memorial Walk

Eduction & Collaboration:

  • Mental Health Fair with CESA #3
  • QPR Training of Trainers (3 trained in Iowa Co)
  • Survivors of Suicide Support Group Facilitator Training (SOS)
  • Partnership with: Iowa County Sheriffs Department, Upland Hills Health
  • Presented to community action groups & county board committee

 Mental Health Access:

  • Started SOS Support Group

2014   July started the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Iowa County WI

 Suicide Awareness:

  •  Presented to CESA #3 superintendents meeting 
  • Created and printed 1500 suicide resource brochures and distributed them throughout Iowa County.
  • website set up: www.Suicide-IowaCountyWI.org
  • Facebook page: Suicide Prevention Coalition of Iowa County WI
  • Suicide prevention information monthly in Church bulletins, CESA#3 Newsletter, Veterans affairs, Compassionate Friends & ADRC

Education & Collaberation:

  • Partnership with CESA #3 

Mental Health Access:

  • Hired Journey Mental Health Crisis Center to present on mental health issues related to suicide 1x each month.
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