Shoe Memorial

Drop off Deadline - Friday, May 12, 2023

drop off the shoes and Identification Card at: 

Desiree's Hair Salon-   246 High Street in Mineral Point

Shoes will be on display from  May 17 through  June 19, 2023



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Shoe displays commemorate those who took their own lives and help those in trouble realize they aren’t walking alone.

We will be sponsoring a Suicide Memorial of Shoes.  

  • Suicide Prevention Coalition of Iowa County to supply a pair of shoes for your loved one please indicate that on your registration. We have numerous styles of shoes to display in your loved ones honor. 


Please print this sheet to Identify your loved one.

  • If Suicide Prevention is supplying the shoes, Please just e-mail this filled out form to prior to May 12 so we have time to create the colored tag and laminate.

 (Suicide Prevention Coalition supplies the shoes.)

We supply the shoes to Desiree's Hair Salon at 246 High Street in Mineral Point for people to observe and a banner explaining why they are there.  Shoes will be on continuous display in the front window.

If you are unable to pick up or drop off the shoes on that day please e-mail me ( 

Please spread the word, this is very healing and non threatening way to get involved.


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