Creating Awareness

Remember to keep Awareness Informative, Educational and Factual

Other Ideas for prevention through self-care, building positive connections and education. Organize something in your spiritual community, work place, school or senior center. (weekly, monthly or yearly) : Guide a Nature Walk,  Free Massages, Yoga Classes, Comedians, QPR Trainings, Gun Lock give-a-ways, Journaling Event, Professionals to present on different topics (mental health or self care), Introducing New Hobbies, Support Groups.

Do NOT focus on 1 community member that has passed by suicide. To someone that is contemplating suicide this can, at times, be seen as a "glorified" death.

Sports Events

Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Rodeo, Dodgeball, Mini Cheer Camp

School Events 

Pick a date and order Tshirts for the teams, print table display items. For more information check out our, "Teaching About Suicide" page on the top left corner "Sports Nights"

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butterfly T-shirt.pngBarneveld Base ball.png


Indoors or outdoor in a tennis courts, is a lot of fun! Trophies are homemade and the teams are encouraged to be creative with their uniforms. Trophies are given out for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and most donations contributed.

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Everyone can get into the Awareness Spirit, even if they have a regulation dress code to adhere by. Just wearing the Suicide Prevention Awareness colors is fun! A display table is always good, but not required.


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Community Awareness

Memorial Walks, Shoe Memorials, Butterfly Releases, T-Shirt Campaign, Fundraisers, and Parades

Memorial Walk

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Butterfly Release

Warm Weather Event  

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T-Shirt Campaign

Wear A Suicide Prevention T-Shirt

Every Friday in May and September

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Shoe Memorial

Shoe Memorials can be done a couple different ways (inside or outside). Both should be short term displays, 1 month or less. Try to include a brief description of what the display represents and resources for those struggling. Click here for more information

1. Shoes ( from a thrift store, not actual person's shoes) representing individuals from your community with a little information on a card about their life (hobbies enjoyed, Birth & Death Date, Name). NO Information about how they did or idealizing their death! 

2. Shoes collected to represent the number of people that have died by suicide in your community, state or county in a set time frame. No names or pictures needed.

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Window display, Table Display, Positive Message Board, Library Resources

Business Window Display

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Table Display

Try to have educational materials, resources and facts. If you can engage with someone with a short quick activity that is great. Simple give-a-ways like a pack of gum, pen, or bracelet. Some people will be embarrassed to take items or approach because they don't want others to think they are suicidal. Make a statement like, " You can take anything you need for a friend."  "Help yourself, you might need something for a school project". (student)

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Other Ideas

Positive Message Board, Library Displays with resources, painted rocks, be the light give-a-ways, Random Act of Kindness Tree (indoor large plant)

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library 2.jpglibrary 1.pnglibrary.jpgBe the Light in someone's darkness.jpg

Temporary Tattoos

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