T-Shirt Design Guidelines

Entry Deadline: May 21, 2023

Send your designs to : SPCICWI@gmail.com

Enter as many different designs as you wish.


T-Shirt Design  


  • Send designs to: SPCICWI@gmail.com
  • Will be printed on a Grey or black Shirt. 1-2 Colors for design.
  • Printed Colors to choose from: White, Purple, Teal, Grey/ black.

Required to have in the design:

  • The words: Suicide Prevention and

a Semi Colin ( ; )

  • If you can fit it in: 800-273-8255 and/or text #741741
  • Encouraging message, quote, phrase Etc.
  • Gender neutral if possible
  • NOT to be, “In Memory of “, any specific person.

Winner will receive Free T-shirt for their immediate family members. All entries are due May 21. Enter as many different designs as you wish. Winner will be announced mid May and shirt will be distributed at Memorial Walk 4th of July weekend.

Past Front Designs

Magnify glass shirt design.jpg

Hope Tshirt design.jpg

World Design.jpg

Hold on Design.jpg

Warrior Shirt.jpg

Hand on teal design.jpg

SP Shirt Ribbon.PNG

Past Back Designs

Back shirt with squares.jpg

Back list design.jpg

Resource back.jpg

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